Frames made in colorado

I've been framing for 18 years and have found that most customers don't care if the frame moulding is made in the United States, Italy, or China. They just want something that looks great with their art. Recently, I've had a few customers ask if anything I carry is made in the United States rather than China. Yes to that question and better yet, the frame moulding is made in Colorado! The company is based in Boulder and they produce beautiful frames out of North American hardwoods including oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and ash. There are many different profiles and finishes to choose from and the handcrafted finishes showcase the beauty of the hardwoods. The company also makes canvas float frames and stain glass art frames.

Below is a photo of a framed piece made of moulding from the company in Boulder. This was done for one of the historical mansions in downtown Denver. The customer wanted to show the floor plans for the conversion from a home to office space. The 3" wide quarter-sawn oak that the frame was made from is the same type of wood used in the mansion for the baseboards and trim.

The frame was made out of 3" quarter-sawn oak in a sepia stain and a fillet was added to the inside of the frame to mimic the original trim in the mansion.

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